Newark’s Water Crisis

by Marzia Choudhury

My project is about the crisis Newark faces as lead has been found in its water supply. Thus, the site my project is located in is the city of Newark, specifically its water system. This includes the water treatment plants that process the water, the pipes which carry the water and the people of Newark who consume this water. The first time news regarding lead in the water in Newark gained traction was during March 2016 after elevated lead levels were found in thirty public schools. Initially, the city government attempted to placate concerns by claiming that the issue was confined to the schools and not indicative of a citywide problem. However, such claims have thus been disproven. My project will also trace the timeline of the issue, the role of different agencies and how the people of Newark have responded to the issue.

What is the timeline of the main events in the Newark lead crisis? How do the demographics of the city impact how the issue has been addressed by government? What actions have the citizens of Newark or local grassroots movement taken in response to the issue?