Image Analysis – DW

Three Mile Island is the site of a nuclear power plant in south central Pennsylvania. In March 1979, a series of mechanical and human errors at the plant caused the worst commercial nuclear accident in U.S. history, resulting in a partial meltdown that released dangerous radioactive gasses into the atmosphere. Three Mile Island stoked public fears about nuclear power


The photo above was taken of Three Mile Island and it was taken 20 years later after the accident. The purpose of the photo was to show roughly 25,000 people lived within five miles of the giant cooling towers that became symbols of the nation’s worst commercial nuclear accident. Also wanted to show people how close babies where to the nuclear plants and the risk of them getting some type of disease. The person who took the photo is Martha Cooper and was covering all nuclear plants that was also going on at that time for the Washington post.

A major thing that is caught during the image is the little baby and the women in the picture America seems to always have a soft heart for women’s and young babies and the fact that they both are so close to the plant makes it seem that they are both un safe. The fact that women and a baby are only shows that the media is saying that women and little kids run the risk at getting harm do to ration in the area. Let’s take a moment and look at the women look at what she has on her head it’s seem as she looks like a cancer patient or that what the picture is portraying her to be as. Next seems as the baby is running away in harm’s way and the woman is trying to catch the baby and stop it from happening seem to also say that women and little kids are the ones to likely be affected by the effects of the power plant .Aspect number two I see is the family homes below the women and the kid. The homes I see are very close to harm’s way of the plant and seem like the people living in the homes might be the ones who will most likely be affected by it and will be in the most danger and maybe the kid and the women stay in house.

In conclusion, Three mile nuclear power plant was a great idea to help produce electricity which is a major need for the human race, but at what cost harming humans along the way the power plant has been very help full before the accident and since then cause damage to nearby neighborhoods and working people.