Project Title: Watching The Watchmen: Social Media’s Influence On Environmental Awareness In The Wake Of The Keystone Pipeline

By Stephen Daliha

The Keystone Pipeline was, and still currently is, an environmental and social disaster. It was a proposed system of oil pipelines, originally commissioned in 2010. Three out of its four phases have been completed, with the 4th phase currently in political limbo. The pipeline was fought throughout all phases by protesters, with celebrities making appearances in protest throughout its construction. They did this through live streaming protest events and holding concerts on the grounds on or near the pipeline. Native American organizations rallied to protest the pipeline due to the pipeline intruding on their land and concerns about the pipe leaking (which later came true). Keystone is a system of pipelines that travel through the Midwest state starting with North Dakota and ending in Texas. Its construction and its current state is an environmental atrocity.