Annotated Secondary Bibliography – CW

Title: Neighborhood Disparities Concerning Healthy Foods


This journal is not necessarily based on events that occur in Newark, Nj, but it can be applied to it. This source discusses how the access to fast food and convenience stores are more easily accessible in low income minority neighborhoods than Supermarkets, which can cause unhealthy eating habits. This source can be useful because it shows that there are more to food deserts than just the lack of access to healthy foods but also that minority communities are unfairly overly exposed to fast food options then a more affluent neighborhood.

Title: Social Inequality Causes Food Deserts


This article in a way updates the one that I listed above because it focuses on education and knowledge that influence eating habits and overall physical health. This can help me with my paper because it enforces the idea that an entire community of people have been so accustomed to eating poorly that even when given healthy food options they still deviate to foods with high saturated fats and sugar. This source could be used to theorize a solution to broaden the palette of the community as a whole.