Annotated Secondary Bibliography – CN

Modica, Glenn. 2001. The History of the Newark Sewer System: A Project of the City of Newark, Department of Water and Sewer Utilities, Newark, New Jersey. Cranbury, NJ: Richard Grubb & Associates, Inc.

This book documents the entire history of the Newark sewer system, from its original (and now historically-recognized) brick construction in the mid-1800s, up until its usage, influence, and status up until 2001.  In 1990, the city embarked on an extensive plan to upgrade.  This “rehabilitation” project included revamping manhole covers and all main water lines circulating throughout the city.  Modica writes in much detail of the poorly-maintained and dilapidated water utilities and their effects on residents’ lives during the 1990s.  Since The X-Files aired in that same decade, this work will provide valuable background information about Newark on the local community level for purposes of decoding why this specific site was chosen to film a culturally influential television program in, and furthermore – supply evidential fact as to why the city of Newark represents the filmmakers’ idea of a decaying urban slum.

Weesh, Dr., and Vic Vega. 2018. The Host – 2X02.

This is a fan-produced transcript of Episode 2 of Season 2 of The X-Files entitled “The Host,” which this project will be centering on.  (Creators of the series and Fox Entertainment have not released or endorsed any official episode scripts.)  In addition to citing the actual visual television episode itself, it would be helpful to have documentation of the story in written form for manual reference purposes – it is more convenient to cite text than a video recording.  In the final paper, lines from this document will be cited in lieu of citing the moving images.

Whitfield, Stephen J. 1991. The Culture of the Cold War. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

Whitfield’s book is a detailed account of the effect that the Cold War between the United States and Soviet Union had (and still has) over American life – this includes popular culture, religion, literature, the entertainment industry, patriotism and nationalism – nearly every aspect of American life.  In relation to this research project, one must again refer to the question of why in the X-Files episode of “The Host” document an unaccounted-for Russian sea vessel travelling so close to U.S. waters?  Furthermore, why was this vessel carrying hazardous cargo?  The even broader inquiry is, why are hints of Cold War situations and conflicts so popular in American popular culture?  Another direction that could be taken in this project is to answer the question as to why the city of Newark, New Jersey was chosen by an internationally syndicated television program to represent urban decay.