Annotated Bibliography-VN

  1. Lurie, Maxine N., and Marc Mappen. 2004. Encyclopedia of New Jersey. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press.

This source is an eBook published by the Rutgers University Press that contains brief but important information about Perth Amboy, NJ.

This source is relevant to my research because it includes a point that is very brief but very relevant, especially in the “background” of my research. In regards to Perth Amboy, the text mentioned that the industrial jobs present in the city garnered an influx of Puerto Rican Americans to Perth Amboy in the 1950s. This influx therefore not only changed the demographics of Perth Amboy but contributes to the overall point that minorities often face the brunt of environmental exploitation (by corporations) and any succeeding environmental hazards that do occur following periods of industrialization. Perth Amboy has many evident environmental hazards, including, but not limited to water.

2. “Perth Amboy’s Sewer System: What’s At Stake.” Fact sheet,, 2017.

This source is a 2017 “facts sheet” that mentions the varying proposals Perth Amboy is mulling over as it proceeds to replace its old sewer system and pipes. This process follows the notoriously public event in which Perth Amboy was fined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for dumping sewage into the Raritan River.

This source is relevant to my research because it succinctly relays information regarding Perth Amboy’s sewer system and the potential plans that will be implemented in order to improve and replace its old one. This is an important source to utilize as it follows the event in which Perth Amboy was fined by the Environmental Protection Agency. I sought to use this event (and source) to draw a contrast between the government’s response to wastewater system reform versus its (lack of) response to residents’ distrust of tap water quality in 2019. In doing so, I sought to hint that the government will only work to advocate for the environmental health of its disadvantaged minority population when there is federal or outside intervention.

3. Janulis, Constantine. 2017. “A Walk through Perth Amboy’s Industrial Memory”. Thesis (M.L.A.)–Rutgers University, 2017.

This source is a masters dissertation written by a Rutgers-New Brunswick student whose research explores a variety of topics, including the industrial past and the industrial remains of Perth Amboy.

This source is relevant to my research because it discusses other manufacturing giants (Raritan Steel, Chevron Oil, and Hess Oil) that utilized the Raritan Bay in the past at the height of industrialization. Within this dissertation, it was noted that these occupied spaces were polluting its surrounding regions. The author even noted that remnants of the Raritan Copper Works site are preserved and recognized as historical areas while the City of Perth Amboy continues to invest into completing its Master Plan. This Master Plan aims to make its waterfront area more appealing while “increase the quality of life and health of the community.” Perth Amboy’s industrial past is implicitly crucial to the environmental issues it faces today, including that of water quality.