Annotated Bibliography-VN

  1. Park, Boyoung. 2016. “The Relationship Between Land Use and Water Quality in Two Sub-Watersheds of the Raritan River, New Jersey”. ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.

This source is a masters dissertation written by a Rutgers graduate student who researched the relationship between water quality and land use (in terms of industrialization).

This source is relevant to my research because not only does it analyzes stream health in urbanized areas, but it analyzes that particularly in the Raritan River as one of its focus areas.  There are a lot of scientific data mentioned in his dissertation and I believe that some of that data can help me better understand the environmental context of the area. I remember finding other reports that specifically tested the water quality of the Raritan River by the Raritan Yacht Club. Those reports included scientific jargon that was hard for me to initially understand. I believe that thoroughly reading this dissertation will provide me a better understanding of the scientific data and the magnitude of the current water problem in Perth Amboy. This dissertation also has a lot of maps that depict the region: how the surrounding water affects Perth Amboy and its residents.


This source is a 2017 news release that reported the expensive grant that the Christie Administration provided to Perth Amboy, particularly, the area that is surrounded by the Raritan River.

This source is relevant to my research because it documents a relatively recent event in which the state government stepped in to provide Perth Amboy a massive boost to its project of developing an open space. I believe that this grant is relevant to the city’s efforts to complete its so-called Master Plan (see the source below). While this is not directly related to my research of water quality, I want to learn if this mentioned Master Plan did try to improve upon Perth Amboy water quality and if there was existent public opinion that pushed for this to Master Plan and the government grant. I also want to see where this money was allocated and why the current water quality is still compromised.

3. Janulis, Constantine. 2017. “A Walk through Perth Amboy’s Industrial Memory”. Thesis (M.L.A.)–Rutgers University, 2017.

This source is a masters dissertation written by a Rutgers-New Brunswick student whose research explores a variety of topics, including the industrial past and the industrial remains of Perth Amboy.

This source is relevant to my research because it discusses other manufacturing giants (Raritan Steel, Chevron Oil, and Hess Oil) that utilized the Raritan Bay in the past at the height of industrialization. Within this dissertation, it was noted that these occupied spaces were polluting its surrounding regions. The author even noted that remnants of the Raritan Copper Works site are preserved and recognized as historical areas while the City of Perth Amboy continues to invest into completing its Master Plan. This Master Plan aims to make its waterfront area more appealing while “increase the quality of life and health of the community.” Not only is Perth Amboy’s industrial past interesting to learn as it could help me connect to its industrial present, but I want to learn more of this Master Plan and if any public pressure resulted in this city investment. While this does not directly pertain to my research of water quality in Perth Amboy, I believe that this source can help paint a better picture of the governmental actions in the city regarding environmental protection.