Annotated Bibliography-TR

  1. CDM Smith. “Lead and Copper Compliance Study,” Published October 10, 2018.  

This report analyzes data collected from the Pequannock and Wanaque Water System.

This report helps provide background history on Newark’s water supply system and specific evidence about where/to what extend lead water contaminations effecting residents. The City of Newark Copper Rule Compliance Study addresses the history of Newark’s water supply system. It provides information about water sampling results and water quality trends from the Pequannock and Wanaque Water System- identifying Pequannock as exceeding Lead Action Level from 2017. The report identified Bloomfield as receiving a large percentage of its supply from Newark’s Pequannock WTP. The results from sampling from South and North Ward confirm lead contaminations.

  1. New Jersey Department of Health Office of Local Public Health Childhood Lead Program, “Childhood Lead Exposure in New Jersey Annual Report 2018,” Published 2018. 

This report analyzes New Jersey children’s exposure to lead as of 2018. 

This report helps provide background information about New Jersey children in its various municipalities affected by lead. It identifies Newark as in the top five largest municipalities with the highest percent children with an Elevated Blood Lead Levels at or above 5 ug/dL (4.4%). It includes information about Bloomfield. This information will articulated what percentage/to what extend Newark’s children are effected by lead compare to children of other municipalities.

Keywords: Race, Class, African American, Water, Community