Annotated Bibliography-SC

Coulter, Patrick C. “A City Invincible? The Transition of Camden, NJ, From Industrial to Postindustrial City.” La Salle University (2016).

This paper explains the developments that occurred in the city of Camden since the early 1900s to the present as an industrial force in the state of New Jersey.

For my paper, understanding the history of the city of Camden is vital. Like many other urban areas in the United States, Camden becoming a postindustrial is inherently tied to changing demographics, particularly concerning race and ethnicity. From this paper, I will gain a sense of how the changing population and culture surrounding the city’s industrial entities affected how they treated the surrounding community. The site that I’m covering has raised environmental concerns for almost 40 years and has existed for much longer than that. I can’t imagine the transition this paper explores did not have an affect on this site.

Lake, Robert W. “Dilemmas of Environmental Planning in Post‐Urban New Jersey” Social Science Quarterly (2003)

This article explores the how land development has clashed with nature in the state of New Jersey and the underlying social issues that arose from and exacerbate the issue.

The state of New Jersey has a particularly horrible reputation for its lack of environmental protections in the United States. This paper allows me to see the general trends that occur throughout the state and how comparable my site is. It also goes into the everchanging political and social ramifications surrounding this issue in urban areas. It analyzes the politics and social issues in the urban areas that relate to these environmental issues. The author does all of this in order to make an argument for why revitalizing and caring for our cities (generally populated by many minorities) is the key to tackling their environmental issues.