Annotated Bibliography-RM

Robert Murphy

Ingram, Dave. The Jukebox in the Garden : Ecocriticism and American Popular Music Since 1960 . Editions Rodopi, 2010.

This source is a description and history of songs written about environmental issues from the 1960s until now.

This paper does a great job of cataloging and connecting environmental music with certain genres, time periods, and even certain cultures. This paper does go into how these songs affected the environmentalism movement stating: “more research is needed” but this will give me a better understanding of environmental music in the mid and late 20th century. I can use these examples of how music was used or created in the past to compare how its used in the environmental justice movement today. 

Mark, Andrew. “Don’t Organize, Mourn: Environmental Loss and Musicking.” JSTOR, Indiana University Press, 2016.

This article analyzes the link between music and environmental loss from a psychological perspective. 

This source aims to prove that humans need to make music in order to deal with the great loss of nature and their environment in everyday life. By looking deeper into select philosophies laid out by well known psychologists compared across various song lyrics, A big shift is revealed in the environmental movement. A shift towards “morning and melancholy” and not towards any hope of restoring nature. This source will give me a very unique perspective of the link between music and environmental justice.