Annotated Bibliography-RI

  1. Hoopes MD. Design to Connect: Complete Connectivity in the Ironbound. Published online January 1, 2018.

  This dissertation is written by recent graduate in Landscape Architecture at Rutgers University describes the history of Newark, The Ironbound. Also talks about Industrial history and toxic legacy. Explains the relationship between Immigration and its industry. As an architect he analyses zoning and the way this regulates the structure of a neighborhood and decides where commercial and residential areas are located

This Dissertation can help me understand and learned more the relationship between immigrant communities and the industry in the ironbound. As an architect the way he analyzed zoning can be helpful to understand the link between zoning and immigrant communities and how those affected the way those minorities are exposed to toxic environments.  

  • Gibbons, J. (2015). Does Racial Segregation Make Community-Based Organizations More Territorial? Evidence from Newark, Nj, and Jersey City, Nj. Journal of Urban Affairs37(5), 600–619

This article pays close attentions racial / ethnic segregation within the city and its neighborhoods. Analyzed in depth the neighborhood and racial composition typology.

This article will help me learned about the Ironbound ethnic typology, consequently been able to identify its relationship to zoning distributions. Also talks about their industrial history that has been affected due to population loss, and deindustrialization. In consequence the city to is changing from industrial to a service economy.

  •   York, Abigail, et al. “Zoning and Land Use: A Tale of Incompatibility and Environmental Injustice in Early Phoenix.” Journal of Urban Affairs, vol. 36, no. 5, unav, Nov. 2016, pp. 833–53, doi:10.1111/juaf.12076.

This article analyzes “Zoning and land Use, and the relationship to environmental injustice in early Phoenix.

This article will be so helpful for me because I can conduct a similar study of zoning and environmental injustice analyzed in Phoenix, and compare to my site. Been able to relate why zoning was establish in the first place as a mean of promoting urban order and maintain a healthy environment.