Annotated Bibliography-NF

Dively, Ethan B, et al. “Dirty Recycling: Auto Salvage and Its Potential Impacts on Marginalized Populations.” The Cupola Scholarship at Gettysburg College, Gettysburg College, 2014, 

This source outlines the potential impacts of auto junkyards on a community and outlines specific examples.

This source will help identify the actual health hazards to a community residing around an auto junkyard. It also outlines the specific impacts of the chemicals that are produced by these junkyards on the environment around them. It could also be useful in identifying specific examples of communities affected by these junkyards for reference of what the grassroots movement in Andover is trying to stop.This could also be used as a general guide onto the effects of these chemicals for general understanding of the paper.

“Andover Residents Opposed to Proposed Auto Auction Site.” Sparta Independent, 16 Mar. 2020. 

This source describes the actual frustrations of the residents of Andover, New Jersey and what they are doing to stop the junk yard.

This can be used to show how the movement is being perceived in the area. The article is from a neighboring towns newspaper which can help identify how the issue is gaining traction in the area. This source can also be useful for identifying key players on both sides of the issue and finding their stance on the issue. The article also offers insight on how the area has been historically before the junkyard was proposed, and provides written history of the events currently occurring in the area. There may also be more articles to come from this source about the topic.