Annotated Bibliography-MT

Source:  Pohatcong Valley Ground Water Contamination, Warren County, NJ, Cleanup Activities (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2018)

This source contains much of the background information necessary to lay the groundwork for understanding the location. It includes a brief history of the site and the EPAs involvement in the location, the different measures they have taken over the years, the companies and locations responsible for creating the contamination, and the current status of the site. 

Source: Hydrogeology of, and simulation of groundwater flow in, the Pohatcong Valley, Warren County, New Jersey (US Geological Survey, 2007), by Glen B. Carlton and Alison D. Gordon

This source is useful because it provides information about the water itself and some information about the contaminants. Some of the useful information include analysis of how long the contamination was likely to have been in the area prior to being discovered by the EPA, which areas are at the greatest risk, and how water from underground overflow the aquifer and enter nearby streams. 


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