Annotated Bibliography-MT

Source 1: Paul Lawless, Power and Conflict in Pro-growth Regimes: Tensions in Economic Development in Jersey City and Detroit, Urban Studies (Routledge), 2002

This source is an examination of the cities of Detroit and Jersey City, comparing how the politics and economics of both cities contributed to their development.

This source will be useful for my project because it examines the political and economic development of Jersey City in its post-industrial context. The time period extends from 2002 when the article was written, to about 1970. This source helps me understand the political forces at play in Jersey City that contributed to how my site was treated over time. It also helps me understand how the different social groups of Jersey City perceived various changes and what many of them did about it. 

Source 2: David B. Cole, Artists and Urban Redevelopment, Geographical Review, 1987

This source looks at how artists moving out of Manhattan affected local communties in the cities of Newark, Hoboken, and Jersey City. 

This source is useful for my project because it gives concrete examples of how outside influences were able to change the landscape of Jersey City. The source gives examples of how artists contributed to the gentrification of Jersey City throughout the 70s and 80s, and how these plans were supported by local politicians and real estate organizations. This helps me understand the changing nature of the economy of Jersey City and the different communities that inhabit the area. 

Source 3: United States Environmental Protection Agency, PJP LANDFILL JERSEY CITY, NJ Cleanup Activities, 2019

This source is a written report on the history of the PJP Landfill and the various actions that have been taken to clean up the location. 

This source is useful for my project because it helps me understand the timeline of events that happened at my site and what official action has been taken over the years. It helps me understand the types of dangers the community was exposed to, including information about what contaminants were present and how long they were in the site for. It also gives me information about the various parties that were involved at the site over time and in what ways they contributed to either the pollution or the cleanup. 


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