Annotated Bibliography-LC

Tai, Stephanie. 1999. “Environmental Hazards And The Richmond Laotian American Community: A Case Study In Environmental Justice”. Asian American Law Journal 6 (1): 189. doi:10.15779/Z38MW03.

This article examines how the Laotian community in Richmond, California is affected by the occupational and environmental hazards present in the location.

This paper can help me with my research project by providing me with an idea of what were some of the occupational and environmental hazards of the area that affected the Laotian community. This information can be helpful when analyzed together with information about the culture and practices of the community. That way I can make relations between the community’s practices and their environment, to see how they combined to allow the pollution to cause a greater impact on the residents’ health.

Huang, Yuanxi. 2009. “Laotian Community Fights Chevron, Environmental Injustice – Richmond Confidential”. Richmond Confidential.

This is an online news article that talks about a campaign ran by the Laotian Organizing Project (LOP) against the expansion of the Chevron refinery in Richmond.

This source would be beneficial to my research project in many ways. I can use this article to show how the Richmond Laotian community is actively working to make their problem known, and how they are trying to solve their issues. This is also a glimpse into the political situation that the community is in since this campaign was taken to court more than once. Also, this article was published 11 years ago, suggesting that there is a possibility that the issues discussed during the project might still remain today.

Keywords: Race, Asian American, Toxics, Pollution, Factories, Food, Community, Water