Annotated Bibliography-HA

EmpowerNJ’s Comments to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority’s Proposed Capital Plan. PDF file.

   There are activist groups who are opposing the proposed plan to expand the NJ Turnpike. Empower NJ’s Steering Committee published its comments on why the expansion will not be effective and what alternatives could be more beneficial and better for the environment. I want to use this to analyze what environmental groups’ stances are and how they are voicing their concern to the government. It will help frame my paper and research around who is advocating for this project and how the government is responding to these concerns.

Finger, Matthias, and Maxime Audouin. 2019. The Governance of Smart Transportation Systems : Towards New Organizational Structures for the Development of Shared, Automated, Electric and Integrated Mobility  1st ed. 2019. Cham: Springer.  

  This book discusses transportation systems in places across the world. I can use this source to better understand the scholarship around alternatives to highways. There is a commitment of billions of dollars to expand the New Jersey Turnpike including the expansion of bridges on the highway. I will use this reading to better understand how the money can be used for other things, potentially public transportation or making certain modes of public transportation free.

Plowman, E. G., and E. A. Imhoff. “INEVITABLE COMPROMISE: HIGHWAYS VS. THE ENVIRONMENT.” Traffic Quarterly 26, no. 2 (1972).

This article discusses economic and ecological factors of building highways. This source can help me better understand how ultimately money drives where highways are built. This article discusses the need for environmental scientists and engineers to be a part of the process and that compromises need to be made in order to prevent major environmental impact. I will also analyze how much change has been made since this article has been written and how much environmental consideration is made today when building roads and infrastructure.

Scheidt, Melvin E. “Environmental effects of highways.” Am Soc Civil Engr J Sanitary Eng Div (1967).

This source provides in depth information about the impact of the construction of highways on plants, animals, and the soil. It covers various aspects of the environment and how they can all be impacted during the construction of a highway and have long term effects. This can help me apply that information to the time they are projecting it will take to expand on the NJ Turnpike and how many miles they plan to cover. It will help me analyze the extent of the effects that may arise from the expansion of the highway and consider what if any impacts it could have outside the immediate area of the highway.

Wells, Christopher W. 2012. Car Country: An Environmental History Seattle: University of Washington Press.

  In this book the author discusses how car dependency is a relatively new relationship in history. Wells challenged the ideas of dependency on automobiles and analyzes how it has impacted the United States’ landscape. With this reading I can better understand the relationship between cars, the environment, and creation of highways. It can help me build a better argument around the necessity of the expansion of the NJ Turnpike by having a better understanding of the changing roles of automobiles in the U.S.