Annotated Bibliography-GG

  1. Angela Sparandera, “Vegetables and friendship at Mt. Olive Community Garden”, Daily Record, 2014.

    This source is a published web article that considers residential opinions and brief information about who is involved in garden efforts and what is grown.

    This article is of use to my project because it reflects solely on the positive aspects of investment in the Community Garden. The voices reflecting about the site are from those who actively own plots and are considered highly by the community. All of the opinions placed in the article are solely inviting for those who are unaware of the Garden’s missions. It’s important to have this point-of-view in my writing because there are two sides to every story; Where this article shares the positive, I would like to also include another source that shares the negative.

  2. Skylands Visitor, “Community Gardens”,, 2015.

    This source is a website tab article that describes the greater impact and brief history of community gardens in the Garden State.

    This website provides valuable information about the missions and accomplishments of various community gardens around New Jersey. Although not much is directly mentioned about my site, it alludes to the greater good of a number of investments, similarly to the first source. The key difference is the website comes from one voice, which is incidentally unknown, compared to the first article, which although carries one main voice, the editor, it encompasses many direct quotes of others involved. This source will be great in utilizing key data for many positive points of the installation of Mount Olive’s community garden.

  3. New View Media, “In Mt. Olive, Open Space Development Complements Historic Preservation”, My Paper Online, 2019.

    This source is a published web article that extrapolates important background history of the site and surrounding area that leads up to the institution of the Community Garden and regarding the current affairs.

    Where this additional article isn’t directly that negative opinion I was looking to hear from someone else, I chose this article because of its nuanced voice; I feel as though the nameless author published this knowing it was from a more objective voice rather than subjective; It incorporates few quotations from contributors to the garden, all of which have less of a persuaded tone. The description of the Community Garden and the events leading up to its institution provides the missing background information specifically about this site that most all other secondary sources fail to mention (i.e. what is mentioned is how big plots are, how much an annual membership is, etc.).


    Although this isn’t going to be the end of the secondary sources I ultimately select, these few are a guiding path to where I want to travel within my project.