Annotated Bibliography-EA

Bugenhagen, Erik, Subtidal Survey for the Presence of Oysters in Portions of Raritan Bay, Arthur Kill, and the Hackensack River of the Hudson River Estuary, 2016

This paper tracks the oyster population of the reefs surrounding the Hudson River Estuary.

This paper does extensive research and sampling of the area I wish to study. I would like to use this research to present the case of poor flourishing conditions for the oysters. Being dated in 2016 makes it quite recent but it is still an accurate representation of how the oyster population was affected by pollution. The paper also goes into the diseases and problems the oysters face that harm the growth of the population. This paper also shows that the population can once again flourish with the proper steps put into place.

Mackenzie, Clyde Jr, History of the Fisheries of Raritan Bay, New York and New Jersey

This article explains the history of the major fishing zones of the areas that I am interested in.

This article talks about how the area has been affected over multiple decades. This would be a great insight into how the areas were and how the fishing industry was affected by the pollution of the feeding water ways. Not only focusing on the pollution but the markets will allow for more understanding of how the areas production changed. The article also explores the techniques used in harvesting the waters products. Including a large selection of sourced material also helps me do research on my own. 


Class, Toxics, Water, Pollution, Food