Annotated Bibliography-CN

  1. Kevin Mumford, Newark : A History of Race, Rights, and Riots in America, New York University Press, 2007 This online book tells the history of Newark, NJ in the 20th century, and I am particularly interested in the first part of the book about the formation and roots of the city. 

This source will help me have a better understanding of how the city formed, and what were specific moments in time that act as evidence in my arguments. I am still formulating the time period(s) I am focusing on, so I am hopeful this book will give insight to determine critical moments. Also, I think that having a reference for the history of the city will help to better establish the ground work for the essay. 

  1. Relationship between the neighborhood built environment and early child development, 2017.  This online journal analyzes the immediate surrounding influence of where a child grows up to its development. 

This source will be very helpful for me when formulating the connection between zoning realities and child development. The journal examines areas from yard space, access to parks, exposure to pollutants, proximity of school and shops and the quality of the built infrastructure. Although the analysis was in Australia, there are significant observations about the socio-economic factors that can be observed similarly in Newark.

Keywords: Community, Race, Class, Pollution, Children, Zoning,