Annotated Bibliography-BR

Where Radiobiology Began in Russia: A Physician’s Perspective

“The Most Contaminated Place on Earth: Chelyabinsk-40 | Sometimes Interesting.” Sometimes Interesting, Sometimes Interesting, 15 July 2011,

This is an article about the lake, surrounding area, and the condition of the environment there.

This source will help me because it provides information on the area and how the disaster of Lake Karachay came to be, such as the names of the areas that were affected and the name of the company that caused the disaster. It also has information on the disaster itself, and witness accounts of the outcome. One of the witnesses is Dr. Mira M Kosenko, who is treated and studied the victims of disaster, is the author of a primary source that I am using for this report.

Tugend, Alina. “LIVING UNDER A RADIOACTIVE TIME BOMB – Chicago Tribune.” Chicagotribune.Com, Chicago Tribune, 29 June 1993,

This is an article from the Chicago Tribune that goes step by step on why the events of the Lake Karachay happened.

This source will help me because it effectively provides a timeline that I can use to trace the events of the disaster. This article is also a lot older than my other secondary source so it can give me insight into how the perspective of the event has changed.