Annotated Bibliography-AV

Roberts-Semple, Dawn. “Air pollution, meteorology and public health in New Jersey.” Retrieved from 

This is a dissertation that analyzes the environmental impacts of automobiles and industry in the Meadowlands. This dissertation will serve as a basis to understand the extent to which air pollution affects the health of the people in this area. I will be using this source to prove how there is a lack scientific literature the Meadowlands as an environmental justice site. I would do this by using the conclusions derived from this study and how these conclusions themselves acknowledge a lack of scientific studies in this area. 

Bagli, Charles V. “Huge Mall Rising at Troubled Site in North Jersey.” The New York Times. The New York Times, October 2, 2015. 

This article will be used in this project to analyze the perspective of American Dream’s developers and the goals they have set out for the mall. This will prove important when analyzing the type of people or consumers this mall was built for. The analysis of this article will consists on how the mall’s developers want to channel elitist and wealthy tourists and New Yorkers as the primary clientele for the mall. This excludes the working class, minority people that live in the Meadowlands from partaking in this mall. 

Lynne, Jack. “$1.3B, 4.8MSF Xanadu Project Will Transform ‘Swamps of Jersey’, Site Selection Online Insider.” Site Selection Online Insider, August 3, 2003. 

This archived article will be used to show how issues brought on by a lack of transportation in the Meadowlands area were known long before the the construction of the mall started. This article is also going to be used to show how redevelopment of the Meadowlands was the primary incentive for the creation of this mall.  Both of these things would further show how the mall itself isn’t meant for working class people in the area, but rather for the tourists and our wealthy counterparts across the Hudson River.

Fickenscher, Lisa. “Long-Delayed NJ Mall Featuring Helicopter Transport from NYC Seeking Luxury Tenants.” New York Post. New York Post, April 9, 2019. 

This article will be used to show how the planning on the mall prioritized wealthier visitors of the mall, as opposed to those are working class. This will be analyzed through the developers choice to create Helicopter parking spots on the mall, before ensuring public transportation was adequate for everyone surrounding American Dream. By contrasting how these helicopters gave their own parking space I will analyze how the traffic issues caused by American Dream are acceptable for working class people, but not for the elite in New York and in the Hamptons. This is exemplary of how this mall is not for the people of the Meadowlands, but rather for the enjoyment of rich tourists and New Yorkers.  

Cole, L., & Foster, S. (2001). From the Ground Up : Environmental Racism and the Rise of the Environmental Justice Movement . New York University Press,. 10.18574/9780814772294

I will be using this book to guide my data analysis under the framework of environmental justice. This book will work as a guideline to link the demographic and environmental indicators of the site to the larger ideas of environmental injustice in this section. I will also be using this book to analyze the differences in the frameworks of environmentalism and environmental justice in the current discourse against American Dream by Sierra Club. 

Keywords: Class, Race, Air, Pollution, Transportation