Annotated Bibliography-AS

Secondary Sources:

1- Allan R.Gold. “Flaws May Cost Millions At Harlem Sewage.” The New York Times, Aug 14, 1991.

The article describes how The city admitting flows in the installation of the plant after 5 years of complaints that were initiated in 1986. It clearly emphasizes the lack of real attention carelessness towards the problem as the city’s Environmental Protection Commissioner isn’t even sure that the fixing planned would guarantee any permanent solution to the problem.

 2- The New York Times. 1995. “Harlem Sewage Plant Can’t Handle Trump’s Riverside South: Letter”, February 16, 1995, Late Edition (East Coast) edition

The article shows clearly the weakness and slowness of any legal action against the power of the trump housing empire as the north east river sewage treatment plant is operating above its permit capacity due to the westside housing construction.