Annotated Bibliography-AS

Secondary Sources:

  Zamzow, Brigitte. 2020. Housing Policy and Vulnerable Families in the Inner City : Public Housing in Harlem, New York City  1st ed. 2020. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

Benston, George J., Dan Horsky, and H. Martin Weingartner. 1978. An Empirical Study of Mortgage Redlining New York: New York University, Graduate School of Business Administration, Salomon Brothers Center for the Study of Financial Institutions.


I have chosen these two secondary sources as they complement each other where Zamzow, Brigitte speaks about the displacement of vulnerable people of color in big cities and how the New York housing is shaped the way it is nowadays which will enforce the discrimination against low-income Hispanic and blacks and push them yo the undesired areas. To emphasize The issue and clarify its roots, I have added Benston George in his book where he showed the discrimination in Mortgage loans issued to people of color when trying to own in New York.

Primary Source: