Annotated Bibliography-AC

Annotated bibliography

The Int’l Consortium of Investigative Journalists, et al. “Water System Troubles a Troubled City.” Center for Public Integrity, 12 Feb. 2003, This source is from a non-profit investigative journal website.

I want to use this source to talk about the city’s (government) responses to the finding of contamination in the city’s drinking water in the 1970’s, as well as the residences response to how their city took action or didn’t take action. I can also use this source to find out the solutions that the city tried to use, such as alternative water sources and their clean up effort. 

Cole, Patrick. “CAMDEN, N.J., A STUDY IN FATE OF CITIES THAT LOSE INDUSTRIES.”, 28 Aug. 2018, This source is from the Chicago Tribune.

I want to use this source to explain why Camden is in the state that it is in. This source writes about how deindustrialization has created poverty and unaffordable housing in the city. I think that the information of deindustrialization in the city will also help explain how the city became polluted with industrial chemicals. 

Coulter, Patrick C. “A City Invincible? The Transition of Camden, NJ, From Industrial to Postindustrial City.” La Salle University Digital Commons, This source is from a project of La Salle University

I am using the part of the source which identifies and analysis the environmental impact of deindustrialization in the city of Camden. This source is also helpful, because it gives a board overview of how the city of Camden responded to the transition, as well as how residents reacted and responded, to the lost of industry and finding out their city dumped with contaminants.